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HB-IGE was the second Boeing 747-357 repainted in the newest colors that visited Geneva. It came only one time.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWS is one of four acquired by Swissair from the German charter LTU. All four are mostly used on Transatlantic flights, such as the Geneva-New York service, before the service switched to Airbus A330.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWG is one of two aircraft wearing Swissair Asia colors.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWL wearing "Argentina" titles as it was carrying the Argentinian Soccer Team to the World Cup in France, via Geneva on June 2nd 1998.
Airbus A330-200 HB-IQB is seen departing on the daily flight to New York JFK.
Taken over from Balair, Airbus A310-300 HB-IPK is seen landing during a Summer afternoon on runway 23.
Airbus A321 HB-IOH is the aircraft used by Swissair to promote the Qualiflyer Group, the Alliance formed by the airline.
Airbus A320 HB-IJB is seen parked in front of the terminal.
Airbus A320 HB-IJS with "Argentina" titles carrying the Argentinian Soccer Team from Geneva to Bordeaux.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-INT in non standard new colors (with metallic belly instead of gray finish).
For just one day, Swissair applied "Winterthur" titles on McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-ISX. It was chartered by the insurance company to carry the board of directors from Zurich to Geneva where a meeting was held.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-INX was repainted all white awaiting sale and put back in service shortly with appropriate titles.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-INA is seen performing a test flight from Zurich (with just a touch and go at Geneva) in neutral colors shortly before being sold.
HB-IVH was the only Fokker 100 repainted in the newest colors before they were withdrawn from service.
Airbus A330-200 HB-IQG is one of the few aircraft that carry a Swiss flag on the winglets.
The same Fokker 100 is seen devoid of titles and logo pending sale.

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Airbus A321 HB-IOC wears special colors promoting Swissair as "The Official Airline of the International Olympic Committee".