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Boeing 737-300 HB-IIB now painted in the new billboard livery.
Boeing 737-300 HB-III is seen landing in a transitional white livery. It used to wear "" titles on that side.
Boeing 737-300 HB-IIB was progressively painted in the latest colors by night, hence the missing titles that could be seen during the day !
Boeing 737-300 HB-IIK was taken over from the English parent company, but retained their telephone number. It was then directly painted in the latest colors.
Boeing 737-300 HB-IIJ was wearing special "Genève-Barcelone, toujours !" titles on left side only, ("Geneva-Barcelona, always !") to promote the new service opened in competition to Swissair. .
Boeing 737-300 HB-III was wearing dual internet and Swiss phone number on the right side.
Boeing 737-300 HB-III was the only aircraft to carry "Monopole Swissair, Non !" titles on the left side.
Boeing 737-300 HB-IIB was one of two aircraft wearing a large Swiss telepone number on the lefhand side, together with two large Swiss flags.
Boeing 737-300 HB-IIF of TEA Switzerland operating for EasyJet UK in hybrid colors.

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Boeing 737-300 HB-IIL was leased for a few months from Virgin Express. The aircraft just had fuselage titles applied.