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McDonnell Douglas MD-87 HB-IUD in its original CTA-Compagnie de Transport Aérien Genève colors back in February 1993.
Super Caravelle HB-ICQ in the full CTA colors, before the addition of the thin yellow stripe under the red cheatline.
Super Caravelle OH-LSG was leased by CTA from Finnair to provide additional capacity. It flew in these hybrid colors.
Super Caravelle TZ-ADS was leased from Air Mali and operated in these hybrid colors.
Also leased from Finnair, Super Caravelle OH-LSD wore more standard CTA colors except for the tail. At that time, CTA was only permitted to use it's logo on Swiss registered aircraft, as it's logo was a Swiss flag as by compulsory regulations.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

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Super Caravelle HB-ICO, devoid of any titles parked awaiting sale.