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McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-ISX in the latest colorsheme.
Avro RJ100 HB-IXV in the new colors. The titles are not best seen on that aircraft type.
Embraer 145 HB-JAA is seen on its very first visit to Geneva, for a demonstration.
Saab 2000 HB-IZG is one of many aircraft of the type now repainted in the latest colors.
With the type soon disappearing, Saab 340 HB-AKN may well be the only one painted in the latest colors.

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Embraer 145 HB-JAL is the 400th aircraft of the type built by Embraer and a special sticker was applied on the aircraft to mark the event.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-ISX was wearing for a short period of time these special "Congratulations" colors (only on the left side of the aircraft). The aircraft was promoting the Swedish (!) national ski team of which Crossair was a sponsor.