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BAe146-200 HB-IXB, purchased from USAir, seen taxying for departure in March 1993 in the oldest colorscheme worn by the "Jumbolinos".
HB-IAO was one of five Fokker 50 leased by Crossair while delivery of the first Saab 2000s was delayed.
Saab 340 HB-AHD was painted in these special blue colors for the 700th Anniversary of Switzerland. It is seen here at Geneva on March 28th 1993.
Saab 340 HB-AKM wears the original colorscheme worn by the type.
Saab 340 HB-AKP wore for a while an interim white colorscheme.
Saab 340 LN-NVD was leased from Norving Norway and was operated in their full colors with dual titles.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

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