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Dash 7 HB-IVX seen parked in Geneva wearing Tassili Airlines (Algeria) titles.
Dash 7 HB-IVY was previously carrying larger titles in English.
Dash 7 HB-IVX seen landing on runway 23 after a check flight.
Dash 7 HB-IVX seen pushed out of the hangar with Swiss registration freshly applied.
Dash 7 C-GLOL of Voyageur Airways was still wearing Maverick colors of the United States when it visited Geneva on a Benavia flight.
Dash 7 C-GFOF, in basic Voyageur Airways colors visited Geneva only one time in 1999.
Still wearing National Aviation (Egypt) tail logo, Dash 7 VP-CDZ (future HB-IVX) is seen taking off from Geneva.
Dash 6 Twin Otter HI-685CA was the very first aircraft of Benavia to arrive in Geneva.
Dash 6 Twin Otter N17GL was one of three aircraft of the type operated by Benavia on behalf of Tassili Airlines.
Dash 6 Twin Otter HB-LSY was operated by Benavia on behalf of fellow Algerian carrier Air Algérie.
Another Twin Otter of Benavia (HB-LSP) in the original colors of the airline.
Shortly delivered to the carrier, Dash 6 HB-LSP wore an all white colors devoid of any titles.

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Twin Otter C-GHTO is seen pictured shortly after it was repainted in the company colors. The aircraft previously flew with Sudan Airways on contract for the Unicef.
Dash 7 HB-IVY is also regularly operating for Tassili Airlines and it is seen parked in Geneva wearing larger arabic titles.