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Airbus A310-300 HB-IPL rolling for take off in the afternoon of May 24th 1996.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-IUK in white colors, with Balaircta titles, was leased from Nordic East and is seen landing on June 24th 1995.
HB-IUI was the sole long -83 version operated by CTA along with four shorter MD-87. It also wears hybrid Balaircta c/s.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-INR still wearing the old style Balair cheatline.
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 HB-IUD taxying for departure. This type never wore the simple « Balair » titles.
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 HB-IUD seen wearing post merger hybrid colors with new Balaircta titles but old CTA basic colorscheme.
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 HB-INB taxying for departure.

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